Long Leaf Farm

The Kendrick Family
Waynesboro, GA

November 2010


WOW - lots of changes in the last month! 

Our lesson program is growing and so was our need for another lesson pony.  We're very lucky to be able to lease "Art" for our lessons.  This wonderful pony will be arriving at Long Leaf Farm in early November.  Our students are already begging to ride him!




January 2011

"Arty", the pony, has found a permanent home here at Long Leaf Farm!  We decided to purchase him as he's really become part of the family.

We're starting into a major barn renovation this month.  When we first built the barn, we left a very "open" floor plan to accomodate future expansion and my ever changing mind!  We're working on the new tack room now and in the near future, will add 2 more stalls.  The new set up will include a center aisle that leads directly to the large pasture, (2) 12x12 stalls- convertable to a 12x24 foaling stall w/ private run, a 10x12 stall and a 10x12 tack room.  As with everything else here at LLF, we're doing it all ourselves!  It should keep us busy for a while!


The Tack Room is Done!  I'm really pleased w/ the project - it's watertight and pest proof, secure and sturdy.  It's painted mint green (that's what happens w/ you mix all the remaining paints from various barn projects!), but it's nice and bright.  Now to add the astroturf, peg board, bridle racks and shelves and we'll be set!  I LOVE having separate feed and tack rooms!

We're closing in the old grooming area (far left) so we'll have one stall for now.  Hopefully in the near future, we'll begin the final phase of construction.  Now to get power and water run to the barn (no more hoses and extension cords!) and get the utility poles set in the ground for the wash rack!



Feb. 2011

We welcomed our boarder, Baby, a 20 year old Arab gelding who arrived on a cold and windy winter day after a long trip from Mobile, AL.  Baby's mom, Megan, will soon be joining him and looks forward to lots of trail rides with her "old man".

June 2011

We're gearing up for Summer Horsemanship Camp at the end of this month!  A great time is guaranteed to be had by all with days full of riding, crafts, learning and fun.  The obstacle course is done in the arena and we've got a bridge, a cowboy curtain, weave poles, barrels, tires and lots of jumps for our campers to try out.  It's going to be a great time!